Tree and Grass

Tree with fuzzy foliage

Tree doodle created with Proceate.

Wanted a tree with unusual foliage.

Mostly done with organic brushes.

Background and pop-up sun from Corel Painter.

Elleptical Leaf

Illustration created with Procreate on iPad

I am a gardener with a great curiosity about my environment.

To sharpen my observation skills, I draw. When I am trying to identify a plant, I usually start with the leaves.

Having a glossary of botanical terms is useful, paired with photos and

illustrations, even better.

So, when I’ve correctly identified a plant, I take photos and take notes. During the long winter months, I study my notes and use the photos to practice botanical drawings.

Odd Flower

Doodle created while exploring Procreate brushes with Apple Pencil 2

After years of resisting, I finally got a new Apple pencil. I lost the first, when I accidentally dropped on the floor without noticing. Later, I found Molly chewing on it.

I replaced it with a basic model without pressure sensitivity. It took all the fun out of doodling on the iPad.

When I checked out the updates on Procreate, it made me realize how much I missed it. So, I treated myself to a new Apple pencil 2. What I difference.

This doodle came out of trying different brushes. My favourite subjects are flowers and visitors to the garden. I had no specific flower in mind. Which is why the flower and leaf combination most likely does not exist in nature.