Book Illustration

Illustration from first version of Daylilies in my Garden

The book series is a way for me to share my love of gardening. This is my first illustration.

Tree and Grass

Tree with fuzzy foliage

Tree doodle created with Proceate.

Wanted a tree with unusual foliage.

Mostly done with organic brushes.

Background and pop-up sun from Corel Painter.


Stencil of horned owl

I did the original drawing with ArtRage on my iPad in 2015.

Cartoon version of horned owl illustration

In 2019, I used the drawing to create a short animation, Curious Owly.

First animation

Now I am learning how to ink with Adobe Fresco vector brushes.

My aim is to convert my sketchbook drawings into digital versions.

Inked drawing

With the digital version, I can then create stencils in ArtRage.

For the header, I inverted the stencil to save space and make it more visible. Then I used the layer effects to spruce it up a bit more.

Now I can change the owly illustration for different projects.

Elleptical Leaf

Illustration created with Procreate on iPad

I am a gardener with a great curiosity about my environment.

To sharpen my observation skills, I draw. When I am trying to identify a plant, I usually start with the leaves.

Having a glossary of botanical terms is useful, paired with photos and

illustrations, even better.

So, when I’ve correctly identified a plant, I take photos and take notes. During the long winter months, I study my notes and use the photos to practice botanical drawings.

Tulip-Flowered Pellie

Rendering of coloured pencil drawing of a tulip-flowered pelargonium

I did the original in 2013. My coloured pencil technique still stinks.

Tulip flowered pelargonium coloured pencil pre-drawing

To rescue this awful drawing, I scanned it, retouched the leaves in Corel Painter then used Topaz Labs to smooth everything out.

Now I scan all my line drawings and keep the coloured pencils for those times when I want to spend quality time with my grandsons or to just clear my mind.

The Fox and the Tree

Practice drawing using Corel Painter

I recently updated to Corel Painter 2022.

I used the previous versions to create illustrations for my books.

To better understand how to adjust brushes for my needs, I created 2 of my own.

I created this unplanned drawing to try them out.

The fox is from a practice drawing in 2013. I converted it into a PNG.

Odd Flower

Doodle created while exploring Procreate brushes with Apple Pencil 2

After years of resisting, I finally got a new Apple pencil. I lost the first, when I accidentally dropped on the floor without noticing. Later, I found Molly chewing on it.

I replaced it with a basic model without pressure sensitivity. It took all the fun out of doodling on the iPad.

When I checked out the updates on Procreate, it made me realize how much I missed it. So, I treated myself to a new Apple pencil 2. What I difference.

This doodle came out of trying different brushes. My favourite subjects are flowers and visitors to the garden. I had no specific flower in mind. Which is why the flower and leaf combination most likely does not exist in nature.


Sketch of dog created with ArtRage android app on Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

Molly’s first family mistreated her. She had to be rescued. 

The stress made her anxious and even more agitated. This made her less likely to be adopted, especially by a family with young children.

Frantic dogs need a lot of time and patience. 

At the beginning, she ate rocks, licked walls and furniture. She also had the bad habit of jumping on people. 

First, I had to earn her trust, and then I could teach her to control her emotions. 

Sketching her resting calmly was rewarding. 

Molly and I still enjoy quiet times together.

Recurring Delight

Creative editing

Creative editing

Inspired by a Photoshop tutorial.

Instead of using the stock image provided, I used one of my own with a background I created.

Using select > subject saved a lot of time.

Original image