Cattails in a Vase

Cattails vector
Vector image created with the help of Adobe Capture, Infinite Design and Photoshop.

This vector started as an Adobe capture of cattails in a metal vase on a bookcase in my office. With the image saved in Lightroom, I could edit directly on the computer with Photoshop or with an app on the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy tablet.

I decided to trace the capture with the Infinite Design app on the Android tablet. It is a fun app with many tools. For this drawing, I tried all of them.

Infinite Design is a great addition to my Android tablet.

Red Covered Bridge

Red Covered bridge
Covered bridge in winter

I photographed this bridge in December 2010 in Gatineau, Quebec. The subject is great but the scene looks dull. With the help of Photoshop brushes and a better sky image, I made it more colourful.

Click the photo to see the finished artwork.

Inking Sketches

Inking sketches with Corel Mobile

I finally found a more comfortable way to ink my sketches.
I took a photo with my android tablet camera.
Imported the photo into #Corel Mobile.
With the ballpoint pen brush, I retraced the lines.
The higher contrast made it possible to use the background eraser in Photoshop.

With the distracting background removed, I can smooth out the wiggly lines.

Iris Shopper

Pencil drawing of iris shopper by Joanne McKinnon

I did this pencil sketch to practice proportion and a possible character for the book. The hand turned out to be the most difficult part. I cleaned it up in Photoshop and finally drew the hand with the pencil tool in ArtRage 4.

Photo Painting

Goesta pelargonium photo painting

I had a need to be creative. Yesterday, I took a photo of a Goesta blooming on my windowsill with my iPad.
In Photoshop, I removed the background.
With Kuler, I found the colour harmony for the base layer, saved everything in PSD.
Opened the file in Corel Painter 2015, used several of the oil brush variants to
rework the layers and to blend them.


Tweaked custom brushes

I created a new brush with the #Procreate app on my iPad, exported the file as psd. In #Photoshop I hid the background and selected the dab. Then Edit>Define Brush Preset and gave it a name.
With a new file, I tested the brush and modified it a bit more. With the Free Transform tool I can tweak the dabs if needed.
Now I don’t have to search for the right brush.

Custom Brushes

Brush daps created with Pen & Ink iPad app& Ink iP

One of the advantages of having so many painting apps, is the unlimited supply of dabs to create custom brushes in #Photoshop. Most will let you share in the PNG format. If not, the magic background eraser tool in Photoshop can do it one click. If not removed, the background becomes part of the brush. Not so nice.

In #ArtRage 4, you can also import your Photoshop brushes from the Sticker Spray tool.

Photo Manipulation

Dahlia photo converted to drawing

I needed to learned how to use more tools in Photoshop and used my Victoria Ann dahlia photo for practice. Now I can use this version to create a highly detailed vector.