Fifth Try

With each drawing, I learn something new.
This painting started as a sketch on paper. Lots of erasing and smudging.
Not transferring to a clean sheet of tracing paper before scanning is a mistake.
With ArtRage 4. I lighten the background and used the palette knife to turn the smudges into texture.

Drawing of flowers and leaves with ArtRage
Pencil drawing scan colorized with ArtRage 4

Standard Dwarf Bearded

Line Drawing

My drawing focus right now is on irises. Two species are blooming in the garden but not the class that I need. Drawing from photos is not the same.

It’s too windy right now to sit in the garden and sketch. I used a photo I took last year of one of the ‘pumilas’, as they prefer to call them here.


Line drawing in pencil of a deliveryman

My drawing du jour. I am still practicing figures. Thought I would try a deliveryman this time.

The Ears

Practice portrait line drawing of male face with aligned ears

I practice drawing daily. Improving my line drawings helps with all projects.
For this male face, I tried a trick I found in a Carrie Stuart Parks book. I managed to finish one ear but could not repeat the shape on the opposite of the face.
With tracing paper, I copied the finished ear. I flipped the paper, aligned it with the other side of the face and retraced the lines. Perfect set.

Iris Shopper

Pencil drawing of iris shopper by Joanne McKinnon

I did this pencil sketch to practice proportion and a possible character for the book. The hand turned out to be the most difficult part. I cleaned it up in Photoshop and finally drew the hand with the pencil tool in ArtRage 4.