Daily Sketch

Hand 2

My daily practice sketch. This time with the Pen & Ink iPad app. The nib of my stylus makes it difficult to draw more precise lines. When I do get a fine point stylus, it should be easier.

I am expecting an Android tablet in the next week or so. Looking forward to trying out drawing apps on it.

La Plume

Feather skethc created with ArtRageDecided to take a break from working on laptop and doodled with ArtRage on my iPad. I collected many feathers when the wild turkeys visited on a regular basis.

Adrift Skiff

Adrift Skiff drawing created with SketchBook Pro

With the laptop stuck in an update loop, I doodled on the iPad with SketchBook Pro. I do not have a compatible stylus, so no pen connection.

I did use the complementary option in the Copic colour palette. They do appear to work well together.

Photo Painting

Goesta pelargonium photo painting

I had a need to be creative. Yesterday, I took a photo of a Goesta blooming on my windowsill with my iPad.
In Photoshop, I removed the background.
With Kuler, I found the colour harmony for the base layer, saved everything in PSD.
Opened the file in Corel Painter 2015, used several of the oil brush variants to
rework the layers and to blend them.