Custom Brushes

Sample custom Corel Painter brush

I like to use small decorations to enhance a book page, just a little something with a light colour. In printed books, they call them margin drawings.

I started with a simple ink drawing in a notebook. Then I took a photo with Adobe Shape and sent it to Photoshop. In Photoshop, I enlarged shape and saved it in psd.

Within Corel Painter I captured the shape as a brush dab. With the advance brush tool, I made a few more changes and saved the variant in my personal custom brush category.

Ink drawing of lanceolate leafNow I have another way of adding a personal touch.

Ink and Watercolour

Drawing of anemones by Joanne McKinnon

Do you remember my scanned loose pen sketch? It turned out to be a good
sample for practicing with Corel Painter’s Real Watercolor brushes.

It is nice to be able to combine traditional sketching on paper with
advance technology.