Custom Brushes

Sample custom Corel Painter brush

I like to use small decorations to enhance a book page, just a little something with a light colour. In printed books, they call them margin drawings.

I started with a simple ink drawing in a notebook. Then I took a photo with Adobe Shape and sent it to Photoshop. In Photoshop, I enlarged shape and saved it in psd.

Within Corel Painter I captured the shape as a brush dab. With the advance brush tool, I made a few more changes and saved the variant in my personal custom brush category.

Ink drawing of lanceolate leafNow I have another way of adding a personal touch.

Ink and Watercolour

Drawing of anemones by Joanne McKinnon

Do you remember my scanned loose pen sketch? It turned out to be a good
sample for practicing with Corel Painter’s Real Watercolor brushes.

It is nice to be able to combine traditional sketching on paper with
advance technology.

A New Leaf

Leaf created with Corel Painter 2015

Sometimes I start drawings in #Corel Painter just to practice using the different tools. For this leaf, I tried the Impasto gloop to start the veins and the FX distorto to shape them. In a previous drawing, I discovered that the Slow Flow airbrush is great to create shadow areas.

Photo Painting

Goesta pelargonium photo painting

I had a need to be creative. Yesterday, I took a photo of a Goesta blooming on my windowsill with my iPad.
In Photoshop, I removed the background.
With Kuler, I found the colour harmony for the base layer, saved everything in PSD.
Opened the file in Corel Painter 2015, used several of the oil brush variants to
rework the layers and to blend them.

Loose Sketching

I still have a problem sketching fast and loose. I tend to erase, rework, erase and not finish most of my sketches. Without access to my drawing supplies, I did this drawing with a gel pen on a notepad.

Later, when I returned home, I took a photo and opened it with
#Corel Painter 2015. I redid some of the paler lines with the liquid ink brush and smudged others for the shadow.

My goal is to create ink and wash type artwork.