Draing of lily

There are plenty of ways of using Topaz Labs filters to enhance your artwork.
I started using Simplify to smooth out jpeg artifacts in my images.

In this sample, Simplify rescued a bad coloured pencil drawing I did years ago on a Crayola Doodle Pad.

I got hooked on a one month trial and decided to take the whole photography bundle. I just upgraded for the new options.

See what Topaz simplify can do for you:
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Line Impressions

Veins created with line impressions

One of the best articles I’ve read about Painter is how it helps to know how to use the actual media. To fine-tune my drawing skills, I’m back to pencils and paper. I’ve already noticed a difference in my drawings with iPad apps.
Over the years, I’ve accumulated lots of material, which includes books. I learned the Line Impression Technique in Drawing and Painting with Colored Pencil by Kristy Ann Kutch . I used an embossing tool to impress the lines for the veins in my own drawing on Fabriano Sketch paper. Compared to my first few lame attempts this is a great improvement.