Fifth Try

With each drawing, I learn something new.
This painting started as a sketch on paper. Lots of erasing and smudging.
Not transferring to a clean sheet of tracing paper before scanning is a mistake.
With ArtRage 4. I lighten the background and used the palette knife to turn the smudges into texture.

Drawing of flowers and leaves with ArtRage
Pencil drawing scan colorized with ArtRage 4


Stress release drawing of owl

I keep a file of unfinished drawings for when I need a break from the current project.
This one I call Owly. It started on my iPad with Artrage. Since then, I retouched with Corel Painter, Painter Mobile, SketchBook Pro and Photoshop.
The effect is similar to snuggling with a good book and a cup of tea, at least for me.

Iris Shopper

Pencil drawing of iris shopper by Joanne McKinnon

I did this pencil sketch to practice proportion and a possible character for the book. The hand turned out to be the most difficult part. I cleaned it up in Photoshop and finally drew the hand with the pencil tool in ArtRage 4.



One of my favourite options in ArtRage 4 is the ability to create my own stencils. Yesterday, I created the rhizome with the shape tool in Photoshop and then grouped the shape layers and saved it as a PSD file.

In ArtRage, I exported the file, made the stencil from the shape and made my first drawing from it. I already used this stencil for artwork in the book I am currently working on.

Lone Tree

Lone tree digital painting

Whenever I visit my daughter and drive through the back roads, I see a lone tree, shaped by wind, in the middle of a field. I can understand, how such a transformation, inspires Niwaki and Bonsai artists around the world.

Custom Brushes

Brush daps created with Pen & Ink iPad app& Ink iP

One of the advantages of having so many painting apps, is the unlimited supply of dabs to create custom brushes in #Photoshop. Most will let you share in the PNG format. If not, the magic background eraser tool in Photoshop can do it one click. If not removed, the background becomes part of the brush. Not so nice.

In #ArtRage 4, you can also import your Photoshop brushes from the Sticker Spray tool.