Euphorbia Vector

Flower shrub vector by Joanne McKinnon

To create this artwork, I started with a photo from Sean Allen (with his permission). You can see the original photo on his website.

The software I used:
Adobe Shape CC
Adobe Draw CC
Photoshop CC
ArtRage 4

Topaz Clean

Topaz Clean on butterfly photo

Until today, I had no idea I could use my purchased Topaz Labs plugins from within Lightroom. This saves time.
All I need to do is right click on the selected image thumbnail, Edit > Fusion Express. Then chose which plugin I want to use.

Vector Geisha

I recently won a copy of Corel Painter 2015, a reward for answering the surveys.
This drawing is the first vector I created using Painter.
I need to practice using the pen tool and the shapes.

Banana and Pear

Banana and Pear with Paper 53

Paper 53 is the first drawing app I installed on my iPad.
No background, so it appears to be floating in space.

This is before I started using a stylus.
So technically, it’s a finger painting.