The Shorties

Art is a perfect way to preserve your garden’s best moments.
Including details on each varieties keeps them from getting lost.
A garden journal converted into a photo essay becomes a family heirloom.
Publication can help spread the benefits of gardening.
Hopefully, the third book of the series will inspire your creativity.

Design on the Go

Kindle comp

Ideas rarely come to me when I am sitting in front of my laptop or desktop. The iPad and the android tablets are easier to take with me everywhere.
This morning, I tested sharing between two Adobe iPad apps. I did the quick line drawing with Adobe Sketch and sent it to the cloud.

In Adobe Comp I created a new format for a Kindle HD. I used one of the fonts I licensed from Typekit and the drawing from the cloud. When done, I could send the project to Illustrator, Indesign or Photoshop on my laptop.

Now I can really design on the go.