Colour Schemes

I create colour schemes for many reasons.
Painter Mobile is a great way to test a combo on a line drawing.
Still needs work.


Tweaked custom brushes

I created a new brush with the #Procreate app on my iPad, exported the file as psd. In #Photoshop I hid the background and selected the dab. Then Edit>Define Brush Preset and gave it a name.
With a new file, I tested the brush and modified it a bit more. With the Free Transform tool I can tweak the dabs if needed.
Now I don’t have to search for the right brush.

Colour Codes

Colour palette

On FaceBook, I shared a link to an interesting article on colours. To read the article, just click the FaceBook button in the Follow Us! section.
I tried the hex number shuffle with my favourite colour and created the palette above, might use it for a drawing. There is also a bit about typography. Well worth reading.