Orchid Dahlia

Orchid dahlia created with Artrage on Samung Galaxy Pro Note 10.
Orchid dahlia created with Artrage on Samsung Galaxy Pro Note 10.

The drawing started as a simple doodle on my android tablet. The small nib of the Samsung Galaxy Pro Note stylus is ideal for drawing.

I often use the Artrage app for botanical type drawings. My experience is still limited but I am improving.

For this drawing, I practiced curving petals of orchid dahlias. The shade is from my imagination.

Cattails in a Vase

Cattails vector
Vector image created with the help of Adobe Capture, Infinite Design and Photoshop.

This vector started as an Adobe capture of cattails in a metal vase on a bookcase in my office. With the image saved in Lightroom, I could edit directly on the computer with Photoshop or with an app on the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy tablet.

I decided to trace the capture with the Infinite Design app on the Android tablet. It is a fun app with many tools. For this drawing, I tried all of them.

Infinite Design is a great addition to my Android tablet.

Blue Jar on Dresser

Drawing of blue jar on dresser started with Sketchbook Pro app on Samsung Galaxy Pro tablet.
Drawing of blue jar on dresser started with Sketchbook Pro app on Samsung Galaxy Pro tablet.

I started this drawing with the SketchBook Pro app on a Samsung Galaxy Pro Note and finished on a computer with Photoshop.
I needed the practice of using guides.
With Lightroom on my tablet, sending a layered drawing to my computer is a breeze.

Red Covered Bridge

Red Covered bridge
Covered bridge in winter

I photographed this bridge in December 2010 in Gatineau, Quebec. The subject is great but the scene looks dull. With the help of Photoshop brushes and a better sky image, I made it more colourful.

Click the photo to see the finished artwork.

Writing Reviews

Vector created with Adobe Shape CC

Writing, like drawing, improves with practice.
Between eBooks and blog posts, I write reviews on Amazon and TripAdvisor. Writing your honest opinion in a creative way is a learning experience.
I start with a list of points to cover and write a simple sentence with each point. The sentences grow by adding details and modifiers for clarity.
With all these steps completed, final edits begin in MS Word with editing add-ins.

The Shorties

Art is a perfect way to preserve your garden’s best moments.
Including details on each varieties keeps them from getting lost.
A garden journal converted into a photo essay becomes a family heirloom.
Publication can help spread the benefits of gardening.
Hopefully, the third book of the ArtistGarden.net series will inspire your creativity.

Fifth Try

With each drawing, I learn something new.
This painting started as a sketch on paper. Lots of erasing and smudging.
Not transferring to a clean sheet of tracing paper before scanning is a mistake.
With ArtRage 4. I lighten the background and used the palette knife to turn the smudges into texture.

Drawing of flowers and leaves with ArtRage
Pencil drawing scan colorized with ArtRage 4

Colour Schemes

I create colour schemes for many reasons.
Painter Mobile is a great way to test a combo on a line drawing.
Still needs work.

Mix Media Sketchbooks



Ideal for drawing, sketching, and experimentation of new techniques. This paper is bright, durable, easily erasible, and smudge-resistant. Each page has a smooth side and a vellum side. 60 pages.

Source: Mix Media Sketchbooks

My projects begin on paper and completed with one of several drawing applications on my laptop. The artist who created this video only needs pencils and paper.