Mix Media Sketchbooks



Ideal for drawing, sketching, and experimentation of new techniques. This paper is bright, durable, easily erasible, and smudge-resistant. Each page has a smooth side and a vellum side. 60 pages.

Source: Mix Media Sketchbooks

My projects begin on paper and completed with one of several drawing applications on my laptop. The artist who created this video only needs pencils and paper.

Inking Sketches

Inking sketches with Corel Mobile

I finally found a more comfortable way to ink my sketches.
I took a photo with my android tablet camera.
Imported the photo into #Corel Mobile.
With the ballpoint pen brush, I retraced the lines.
The higher contrast made it possible to use the background eraser in Photoshop.

With the distracting background removed, I can smooth out the wiggly lines.

Standard Dwarf Bearded

Line Drawing

My drawing focus right now is on irises. Two species are blooming in the garden but not the class that I need. Drawing from photos is not the same.

It’s too windy right now to sit in the garden and sketch. I used a photo I took last year of one of the ‘pumilas’, as they prefer to call them here.