Daily Sketch

Hand 2

My daily practice sketch. This time with the Pen & Ink iPad app. The nib of my stylus makes it difficult to draw more precise lines. When I do get a fine point stylus, it should be easier.

I am expecting an Android tablet in the next week or so. Looking forward to trying out drawing apps on it.

La Plume

Feather skethc created with ArtRageDecided to take a break from working on laptop and doodled with ArtRage on my iPad. I collected many feathers when the wild turkeys visited on a regular basis.

Adrift Skiff

Adrift Skiff drawing created with SketchBook Pro

With the laptop stuck in an update loop, I doodled on the iPad with SketchBook Pro. I do not have a compatible stylus, so no pen connection.

I did use the complementary option in the Copic colour palette. They do appear to work well together.


Line drawing in pencil of a deliveryman

My drawing du jour. I am still practicing figures. Thought I would try a deliveryman this time.

Custom Brushes

Sample custom Corel Painter brush

I like to use small decorations to enhance a book page, just a little something with a light colour. In printed books, they call them margin drawings.

I started with a simple ink drawing in a notebook. Then I took a photo with Adobe Shape and sent it to Photoshop. In Photoshop, I enlarged shape and saved it in psd.

Within Corel Painter I captured the shape as a brush dab. With the advance brush tool, I made a few more changes and saved the variant in my personal custom brush category.

Ink drawing of lanceolate leafNow I have another way of adding a personal touch.

Ink and Watercolour

Drawing of anemones by Joanne McKinnon

Do you remember my scanned loose pen sketch? It turned out to be a good
sample for practicing with Corel Painter’s Real Watercolor brushes.

It is nice to be able to combine traditional sketching on paper with
advance technology.

The Ears

Practice portrait line drawing of male face with aligned ears

I practice drawing daily. Improving my line drawings helps with all projects.
For this male face, I tried a trick I found in a Carrie Stuart Parks book. I managed to finish one ear but could not repeat the shape on the opposite of the face.
With tracing paper, I copied the finished ear. I flipped the paper, aligned it with the other side of the face and retraced the lines. Perfect set.