A New Leaf

Leaf created with Corel Painter 2015

Sometimes I start drawings in #Corel Painter just to practice using the different tools. For this leaf, I tried the Impasto gloop to start the veins and the FX distorto to shape them. In a previous drawing, I discovered that the Slow Flow airbrush is great to create shadow areas.

Iris Shopper

Pencil drawing of iris shopper by Joanne McKinnon

I did this pencil sketch to practice proportion and a possible character for the book. The hand turned out to be the most difficult part. I cleaned it up in Photoshop and finally drew the hand with the pencil tool in ArtRage 4.



One of my favourite options in ArtRage 4 is the ability to create my own stencils. Yesterday, I created the rhizome with the shape tool in Photoshop and then grouped the shape layers and saved it as a PSD file.

In ArtRage, I exported the file, made the stencil from the shape and made my first drawing from it. I already used this stencil for artwork in the book I am currently working on.

Photo Painting

Goesta pelargonium photo painting

I had a need to be creative. Yesterday, I took a photo of a Goesta blooming on my windowsill with my iPad.
In Photoshop, I removed the background.
With Kuler, I found the colour harmony for the base layer, saved everything in PSD.
Opened the file in Corel Painter 2015, used several of the oil brush variants to
rework the layers and to blend them.