Loose Sketching

I still have a problem sketching fast and loose. I tend to erase, rework, erase and not finish most of my sketches. Without access to my drawing supplies, I did this drawing with a gel pen on a notepad.

Later, when I returned home, I took a photo and opened it with
#Corel Painter 2015. I redid some of the paler lines with the liquid ink brush and smudged others for the shadow.

My goal is to create ink and wash type artwork.


Tweaked custom brushes

I created a new brush with the #Procreate app on my iPad, exported the file as psd. In #Photoshop I hid the background and selected the dab. Then Edit>Define Brush Preset and gave it a name.
With a new file, I tested the brush and modified it a bit more. With the Free Transform tool I can tweak the dabs if needed.
Now I don’t have to search for the right brush.

Custom Brushes

Brush daps created with Pen & Ink iPad app& Ink iP

One of the advantages of having so many painting apps, is the unlimited supply of dabs to create custom brushes in #Photoshop. Most will let you share in the PNG format. If not, the magic background eraser tool in Photoshop can do it one click. If not removed, the background becomes part of the brush. Not so nice.

In #ArtRage 4, you can also import your Photoshop brushes from the Sticker Spray tool.