Colour Codes

Colour palette

On FaceBook, I shared a link to an interesting article on colours. To read the article, just click the FaceBook button in the Follow Us! section.
I tried the hex number shuffle with my favourite colour and created the palette above, might use it for a drawing. There is also a bit about typography. Well worth reading.

Photo Manipulation

Dahlia photo converted to drawing

I needed to learned how to use more tools in Photoshop and used my Victoria Ann dahlia photo for practice. Now I can use this version to create a highly detailed vector.

Adobe Apps

Teapot vector drawing

I’ve been doodling with iPad apps trying to find a way of creating new line work.

With Adobe Shape I created a contour of one of my teapots. Saved it to my library and then opened it in Adobe Draw. This gives me a basic shape I can send to Photoshop or Illustrator.

My Adonit stylus doesn’t work well with these apps, but the Sensu stylus works very well.